Saturday, February 2, 2008



SURABI RECLINING CHAIR is safe with arms,so Convenient to carry,Comfortable,cosy........,apt for households,outdoor and courtyards.
SURABI RECLINING CHAIR reclines in 5 Smooth stages varying upto 160 degrees and has a left right symmetrical structure that includes a reclining chair body support,armrest,and reclining chair plane.The chair body is made of high quality Steel Tubular Structure,Powder-Coated.The reclining chair body structure has high strength because the chair body form a quadrangular structure and the rear support uses a crossed support and has foldable arms.
The Seat,Backrest and Footrest are made of high quality Fabric Lined Rexin and to add strength to the seat ,it is double lined.
The armrest are made of high quality Reinforcd Engineering Plastic.The Cushions are made of High Density Foam to last longer.The fabric cover is made of quality Cotton material so as to avoid sweating even when used for a long time.These chairs come in various colours to suit your environment.
Last but not the least they are Crowned with Headrest Covers ,which add more elegance and are Detachable and Washable.

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Its looking fine, you can find more Recliner Chairs here…..